Not So Sleepy Hollow



Is there anything more handsome than a Barred Owl?

I am lucky. I live across the street from at least two Barred Owls. I don’t get to see them, but I do get to hear them every evening around one hour before sundown.

I have no way to describe the incredible sound they make. It is unlike anything I have ever heard in my woods.

Tonight there was an real ruckus in addition to the two barred owl voices. As if wanting to get their two cents worth in, another set of hooting was simultaneous, but theses songs were very different. I have heard that barred owls can make a variety of hoots in addition to the more familiar one. I made a note to myself to go to one of the bird call web sites to see what other owls sound like.

On one extra lucky day, I heard the big hoot and looked up just in time to see a massive dark form swoop silently from one tree top to another.

There is news in the woods, and it is not good.