The Pool


We’ve just been told to get out of the pool by Lee the younger lifeguard who is being watched by senior lifeguard Denny to see if the younger has the voice of authority to instantly clear the pool.

Brother Charlie is not paying attention to the rumbling thunder in the distance, nor the darkening skies.

Suddenly there is a louder-than-before boom, and simultaneously both lifeguards blow their whistles at Charlie and the clot of boys in the deep end.

Mother secretly looks up from her McCalls magazine to see whose kids are in trouble this time, not surprised it is one of hers.

Pool cleared, the grill fires up along with the deep fat fryer for two dozen orders of hamburgers and French fries with matching chocolate shakes.

The catsup is particularly tasty on salty, hot fries in July during a thunderstorm at the cool, blue pool next to the golf course.