Recap for Rabbit Box “Getting Schooled – Stories about Education”


Stories to enlighten and entertain.

Rabbit Box


September 10, 2014
by Melissa Harward

In a town that centers on education, there was a surprising number of teachers and professors getting schooled at last week’s Rabbit Box, featuring stories on—you guessed it—education. Time to take notes, boys and girls.

“Tea-cha” Rachel Bailey started the evening off with a tale from a South Korean kindergarten class. Bailey, a former snarky music-writer-turned-teacher, tries to turn her five-year-old students on to “good American pop music” and instead gets a glimpse of how growing up is hard in any country. Justin Bieber, unfortunately, saves the day.

UGA Veterinarian Hospital professor and Director of the Community Practice Clinic Ira Roth recalls one of the most onerous things about being a teacher: failing a student. When an anxious and seemingly dull-witted student joins the rotation, Roth struggles to accommodate his anomalous mannerisms. A botched surgery is the last straw, leading Roth to face the…

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