Porch Chronicles

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Porch Chronicles July 29, 2016 In the mornings after taking care of my dogs, I sit on my screen porch drinking coffee, reading great stuff written by friends and listening to the sounds of Highlandia.  Highlandia is what I call my neighborhood. I live on Highland…

Highlandia House Calls

I was delighted to see the beautiful, four point buck in the front yard again today around 5:30am. Sorry buddy. Those purple berries you love are almost all gone. I am confident the girls and I can… Source: Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory

In mid summer I saw two of these beautiful babies – twin fawns – delicately tiptoeing through the tall grasses on a nearby empty lot just around the corner from where I live. I stopped my car and watched as they slipped quietly into the…

Trouble in Paradise