Big Bang Theory



I was delighted to see the beautiful, four point buck in the front yard again today around 5:30am. Sorry buddy. Those purple berries you love are almost all gone.

I am confident the girls and I can make sufficient noise as we charge down the uncarpeted stairs to give my handsome friend a head’s up.

I glance back over my shoulder as I lead the girls down the street in the opposite direction. I can barely can make out a pale, golden figure in my neighbor’s yard still and staring at the girls and me.

I’m so very afraid for you. Run away and hide yourself.

Just minutes later, as we arrive back at our house, a college student ignorantly speeds past me down the street. I am angry and imagine posting a deer crossing sign in my yard.

Today is one of the holidays my family gets into. Family, food and fireworks. Classic. Always, always hot as the devil.

My contribution will be potato salad in three versions…with onions, without and a Greek version a la PaPas in Tarpon Springs, Florida which no longer exists.

Every time I make Greek potato salad I celebrate two amazing and wonderful Moms driving to Clearwater, Florida in an un-air conditioned station wagon for ten hours with five, very loud, fractious, territorial, car-sick, over-active kids under the age of ten. These women are my heroes.

A word about fireworks.

The photo above was taken with an original iPhone by me at a local fireworks display. It is about as freaky a picture as I’ve ever seen. I’m tempted to send it to Ron Howard in hopes of inspiring a cool syfy movie.

I know nothing about photography. How this photo happened is still a mystery to me. I am guessing the blue globe you see in the center of the fireworks is a ball of gasses caught at the instant of ignition and expansion.

Or it could be evidence of aliens who arrive every 4th of July hidden in the fireworks. They are attracted by the abundance of potato salad at this time of year.

Stay cool my friends.