Know Your Neighbors





Today was my lucky day. For unknown reasons I beat the sun up and found a beautiful four point buck in my front yard.

I stood at my window for fifteen minutes waiting for enough light to catch an iPhone shot of him. Wish I had a better camera. The shots I posted are dreadful, but you get the point.

Lots of folks can’t stand deer, but ever since I saw Disney’s Bambi when I was a kid, I’ve been fan. To me, there’s nothing more elegant and beautiful.

I worry about the deer these days. We shouldn’t be seeing them in town. We’ve completely ruined their natural habitat, and now they’re being run down by careless drivers in the city neighborhoods. It makes me much more than sad.

That last photo I posted today is a bit of a Nat Geo moment. My girls insist it’s a picture of yummy dog candy just for them. Definitely not deer scat with berries, even if I did win a tug of war over the point this morning.

Amazingly, that handsome young deer actually looked both ways before heading off to the stream in the deep wooded ravine across the street.

Today we both were lucky.