Unholy Alliance



My Father, who is pushing 90, is a textbook example of what good genes and a healthy lifestyle can do for you.

He likes to drop by with the excuse that he wants a cup of coffee. I know he’s been up since 6AM and has had his limit of at least two cups of coffee with his cronies downtown by now. This is his, ” Time to check up on my oldest daughter whose life is always a bit of a mess.” bi monthly visit.

The girls let me know he’s on his way even though I can’t see him from the porch until 30 seconds later. My Father loves dogs but doesn’t get why I have two. It started out as a good idea..

My Father’s theme today seems to be about yard work which I clearly don’t do enough of as seen by the mug shot above of just some of the weeds that have taken up residency in my front yard.

From my perspective on the porch, the rapidly multiplying weeds have added a nice green color to an otherwise drought scorched, red clay yard which used to be the envy of the neighborhood. To my Father, having weeds in your yard is a sin worthy of a new ring in Dante ‘s hell.

My Father’s solution to a weed free yard is simple…every time you go through the yard, pull weeds for 15 minutes. He did it, and by golly he has a beautiful lawn.

I think maybe my Father has discovered three secrets to a long and happy life.

1. Tackle stubborn problems a little at a time. Don’t just yank at them. You gotta take your time and carefully twist, jiggle and pull at them, so you can get to the root of the thing.

2. Never give up and never mind that you’ll have to do it again tomorrow.

3. Always check up on the people you love even though they might have more weeds in their yard than you do.