The Nose Knows


Somebody in the neighborhood is cooking bacon. Or is it pancakes? Or maybe a dead chipmunk? Whatever it is, it is very interesting and tempting, but not worth getting up for.

I love to watch the girls. They are endlessly entertaining. What I imagine they are saying must be like writing a screenplay. Putting dialog where non exists.

The experts warn we shouldn’t assign human attributes to animals, but I say piffle. We’re all animals. The same things drive us all like hunger, the fear of being eaten and the drive to leave our genes behind.

Actually, I wish people were more like dogs. Loyal, dependable, never complaining, never cruel, never dishonest, always happy to see you. It feels like they love us.

The old girl just looked around at me with those soulful cocker eyes and said, ” You really are a silly old woman.”